Special Township Projects


     Government of Maharashtra has declared its policy on promoting and developing Special Township Projects (STP) vide Notification dated 16/11/2005, issued by Urban Development Department, Mantralaya.  The purpose is to promote private investments in housing sector to facilitate housing at reasonable prices and also to create hassle free atmosphere for investors.  Accordingly Development Control Regulations (DCRs) have been exclusively prepared for Special Townships. As per the said policy any suitable area, not less than 100 Acres, can be declared by Government for purpose of development as ‘Special Township’.  Certain areas are excluded from the township such as area under forest, water bodies like river, creek etc.  The basic necessity which is of utmost importance is that, the land must be contiguous and it should not be scattered.  Concessions are granted to such “declared areas”.  To name a few, N.A. Permission will not be required, 50% concession in payment of stamp duty, relaxation in payment of development charges, exemption from application of all land laws etc.  The development and promotion of such Special Townships is as per Development Control Regulations laid down.

     In this particular sector, our firm plays very important role right from selection of location, by excluding areas which can not be included in Special Townships.  Once area of STP is selected by the developer, then our role starts from conducting searches and investigation of title.  Firstly we issue our preliminary title reports enabling our client to take decision whether to go ahead or change the location.  Once area is finalized, then we render all legal services, till our client gets sanction and approval to his/their Special Townships.  During development and construction till sale of a project, we continue to render all required legal services such as preparation, execution and registration of all documentation.  We take up all such projects despite its size and location.  And all this is done by our experienced team of lawyers, who are well conversant with land laws and procedure.